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Teeth Whitening

Free Whitening For Life Program

Free Whitening

At Tarzana Smile Design, we pride ourselves on the smiles that leave our practice and in knowing our patients are maintaining the best possible oral health. Tarzana Smile Design's Free Whitening for Life Program is a gift for patients who are already taking their dental health seriously, and as an incentive for those who need a little help keeping up with their dental care. We hope you enjoy this program and encourage you to invite family and friends to take part in our Free Whitening for Life program.

This privilege does require that you follow a few rules. Please read through them carefully, review the policy and sign below. Your signature acknowledges receipt, understanding and compliance of said policy. While our Free Whitening for Life Program is a gift from us to you, we insist that all rules are followed in order to receive this benefit.

Patient Activation Rules:

  1. Must be at least 14 years of age
  2. Must complete hygiene cleaning, x-rays, doctor's exam and schedule your next 6 month appointment
  3. Must comply with minimum required dental treatment, if any, as planned by the doctor (Remember, we take your dental health seriously and want to ensure you are getting the best care for a healthy smile for life. Minimum care can include fillings, extractions, root canals and crowns. Dental experts do not recommend whitening for patients with untreated cavities or other dental health issues.)
  4. After all necessary dental treatment is complete; impressions will be taken for professional whitening system trays
  5. Must keep all of your scheduled appointments. Any cancellations will be done with at least 48 hours advanced notice
  6. Must not have any outstanding bills with our dental office

Lifetime Maintenance Rules:

  1. Must maintain minimum continued care as treatment planned and appointed by Tarzana Smile Design
  2. Must maintain continued hygiene care (6 month hygiene appointments)
  3. Must comply with all Tarzana Smile Design policies regarding payment and broken appointments
  4. Must keep all scheduled appointments (cancellations must be made with a minimum 48-hour notice)
  5. One whitening gel refill will be rewarded at each continued hygiene appointment up to twice annually
  6. Lost or destroyed trays will be replaced at a cost to the patient

Disclaimer: Tarzana Smile Design, its doctors, and staff have the right to refuse offer if deemed necessary based on patient health conditions, misuse, abuse, or any other factor deemed necessary to void offer. Minimum gum and teeth health required to receive professional whitening.

For more information about teeth whitening for life program call our dental office in Tarzana at (818) 708-3828